Directing "Murder on the Paradise Line"

The opportunity to direct Dennis Gribben’s “Murder on the Paradise Line” has proven to be a horizon-broadening experience of the first magnitude.  In addition to this being the first play I have attempted to direct since college (a few – ahem – decades ago), it was La Strada’s first foray into dinner theater and the venues first try at such a program as well!  Thank the stars for my various stints in food and beverage over the years!  All in all, the show came out fabulously – we sold out our first three nights, and the audience all raved about the experience!

I guess maybe I’ll have to try this again…

There are still tickets available for May 15-17 – come check us out!



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"Jello Shots in the Dark" in the Asbury Park Press!

We got a little press coverage for the upcoming production!  I’m joining in, along with a fine group of actors – and I am shooting production photos and helping out with some on-the-fly lighting design, too!  Check it out!


Jello Asbury Park write up

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National Sales Meeting - February 2013

Update from the trenches – the show went pretty well, though we lost our graphics op to the norovirus, and our LD, Tim, was snowed in in CT and came in just in time to start rehearsals.  Our client was happy, though, and I hope to work with them again next year.

Some Photos (courtesy and ©2013 Joe Gesick, used by permission)

_DSC0058 _DSC0054 _DSC0053 _DSC0038 _DSC0037 _DSC0035 _DSC0032


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