What happens to our loved ones after we die?

Audience reactions to the powerhouse plays and performances in Program Fate (a part of the Chance Festival)…

“So Cool,” “Brilliant,” “Sophisticated,” “Perfect”, “Hilarious,” “Powerful,” “Movingly human”…  What praise more perfect?


photo courtesy of Laura Desantis-Olsson  www.ldophoto.net

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I was asked to state my artistic philosophy...

Everyone has two forces within them – the creative and  the destructive.

At the same time, one can put light into the world, and one can take light out of the world.  Both are necessary, because without darkness, how would we recognize light?  Look at an image of yin and yang – there is light in the darkness and darkness in the light.  Look at a photo or a painting or a film.  How would you see and appreciate the light, unless it is defined by the darkness?   In the same way, the darkness cannot be recognized without the light.

But we must not carry the analogy to equate light with creative force and darkness with destructive force, because this is not so.

The creative force can be adding light or subtracting light.  Either action is creative if it helps to define truth or beauty.  The destructive force likewise can be adding or subtracting light – if by doing so, one decreases the ability to perceive truth or beauty.

So, my role as an artist is to find beauty or truth, and help others to see it.


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My Play, "Love Doesn't Die", is going to be produced in Asbury Park and NYC!

Come see the production In February (Asbury Park) or March (NYC)!

Tickets are available at: http://www.lastradaensemble.org/


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"Jello Shots in the Dark" in the Asbury Park Press!

We got a little press coverage for the upcoming production!  I’m joining in, along with a fine group of actors – and I am shooting production photos and helping out with some on-the-fly lighting design, too!  Check it out!


Jello Asbury Park write up

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An interesting article for folks who would ask for free photography

While CSDCP does NOT take on weddings as primary photographer (I have and will work backing up another photographer) this article offers some insights that are true for many types of photography. Interestingly, theatrical designers seem to have this cooperative relationship figured out much better – I would venture to say in my experience theatrical designers, across their disciplines, operate at a much more collegial and professional level than most folks in the wedding business.


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