Please help support local artists!

I’m extremely proud of this production, and in particular, my first one act play to grace the stage.  The plays are marvelous, the actors and directors are great.  And, while we work to develop this fledgling organization toward becoming a full Equity company, we are all working on a completely volunteer basis.  We are in the midst of the application process for 501c(3) status, which will be complete by the third quarter of 2015 and permit donations made this year to La Strada Ensemble Theater to be considered tax-deductible.
We are diligently trying to promote our Indiegogo fundraising campaign and to get the word out about this fantastic festival in general.  Please help spread the word.  This show presents the heart and soul of La Strada, and through this work we can continue to carve our niche in the larger body of really fine theater found here in central New Jersey.  But without an audience and without funds I’m afraid our efforts will all be in vain.  Help us?
Come to the performances!  You’ll have a good time (I promise!) and you’ll have the opportunity to see some really great NEW theater – nine of our pieces are world premieres!  You can buy tickets at the door, or online at

Donate to support our efforts!  Our fundraising campaign for this show can be found on Indiegogo –


Every bit helps.  And I hope to see you at the show!



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Thanks for browsing the site.  If you are curious about me, I’ve worked largely behind the scenes in education and in the arts as a manager, technician, stagehand, and sometimes designer, bouncing between business-brain and art-brain as I saw need. I have a continuing creative passion that finds it’s way in music, in photography, and in theater – and those endeavors will form the material for this site. I hope you find something to enjoy, or something that inspires you.

My photography can be found on the “Photography Blog” page, and images available for licensing and prints are listed in the Sales Galleries pages. I am available for freelance projects in photography, stagecraft, and arts management.